Cheap SSL certificates are essentially offered by traditional domain registrars and web host providers who have become SSL Certificate Authorities to expand their scope of services to include SSL Certificates and avoid having a marketing disadvantage compared to their competitors. Among these top domain registrars turned SSL Certificate Authorities are GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and Apart from not wanting to be disadvantaged by their competitors, each one of these SSL Certificate providers aim to outdo each other in providing a complete array of web hosting solutions under one roof. You can easily secure cheap SSL Certificates from their web sites. If you are lucky, you may stumble on some online coupons occasionally issued by them as part of their marketing program. Online coupons can bring down further their already cheap prices substantially.

Reseller Programs

Domain registration and hosting has been the scene of fierce competition among the major players in both sectors of the web solutions industry. So much so that each of the major players has crafted their own reseller programs coupled with an attractive compensation package in a race to outperform each other and gain a much bigger market share. As a result you will notice the proliferation of reseller web sites offering domain name registration and hosting services almost everywhere in the internet. To complete their full package offerings, resellers are also made to market cheap SLL certificates issued by them. You’ll find cheap SLL Certificates from domain name and hosting resellers of GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and

Affiliate Networking

Affiliate networking is also being used by each of these web solutions providers extensively to market all of their services. Web masters and site owners looking to monetize their sites are easily attracted by affiliate offers from these top three solutions providers. And this is not without a valid reason. For one, there are over 133 million registered domains to date 150,719 of them are new additions (within the last 24 hours) – according to Domain Tools. This huge number alone offers huge earning potential for home based entrepreneurs willing to be their affiliates and sell their SSL certificates.

GoDaddy, known for its aggressive and innovative marketing thrusts is showing the lead with unique affiliate networking schemes. For one, it is tapping its huge base of domains and sites hosted under its brand by making them automatic affiliates. This means having a site hosted under GoDaddy automatically makes you a GoDaddy affiliate without the need of signing up. You can directly earn from any GoDaddy advertisements you place in your site. On top of that, GoDaddy has tapped the top networking sites Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, and Link Share to help market its services including SSL Certificates.

On the other hand Network Solutions try to entice affiliate networkers to help market their services through lucrative commission earnings. Selling SSL Certificates for them earns you 20% commission for every sale; 30% for domain name registration; 20% for web sites created; $100 for web hosting also use Link Share and Commission Junction to market its services.

Because of these unique marketing thrusts by the top 3 hosting providers, it won’t be difficult to find cheap SSL certificates as they are almost everywhere in the internet. While their SSL Certificates may provide security solutions for the most basic web security requirements, you may need to consider more stringent authentication solutions in the future as your own business continues to grow and expand.

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