Network Solutions have numerous premium points to be considered as one of the best in SSL Certificates provider. Network Solutions has been in operations since 1979, in constant development and in constant success for advanced technology and keeping many customers satisfied. On top of this, Network Solutions is also an award winning provider particularly in supporting their clients.

In the field of SSL certificates, Network Solutions is at the peak of the industry. Online security experts understand that many clients are still having doubts in sharing their sensitive information for online transactions. Identity thefts and phishing sites are always a threat to the online world. Network Solutions work with their clients to achieve the best solution, which keeps a website dependable and the reputation secured.

Network Solutions also follows online security standards. There are certain regulations for different industries such as banking, business and health care. Network Solutions makes certain that the online transactions in these fields are followed.

Network Solutions offers the following features:

  • 256 bits data encryption
  • Comes with nsProtectâ„¢ Secure SSL Certificates that transform your online transactions into secure and protected code against hackers and phishing programs.
  • 99.9 % browser compatibility
  • Flexible validation that confirms to your online clients that they are on genuine site and their transactions are secured and protected
  • Fast and Easy Certificate Issuance
  • Automated Installation for Network Solutions Customers
  • Flexible Applications
  • Unlimited Re-issues
  • Additional Guarantee for Your Customers
  • Trusted Signs of Assurance for Site Visitors

Network Solutions offer four major kinds of certificates according to the level of security.

Basic Network Solutions SSL Certificate

This SSL certificate level is best for single domain types particularly for small business and for low traffic operations. It could take about 2 to 4 days for installation. However, once enabled, you are insured with the $ 50,000 warranty.

Wildcard Network Solutions SSL Certificate

The Wildcard Network Solutions SSL Certificate is best for those companies looking to protect numerous multiple domains as well as their major domain. If you have an extensive website with several pages in need of protection, this level of SSL certificate is the best choice for you.

Advanced Network Solutions SSL Certificate

Advanced Network Solutions SSL Certificate is best for those looking for easy installation, higher warranty and more security. This is recommended for business and companies who keeps very important data and documents on a regular basis and wants their online clients to be guaranteed that their details will be handled with premium security and dependability.

Extended Validation Network Solutions SSL Certificate

The Extended Validation Network Solutions SSL Certificate is best for the busy web developers who like to provide their customers the best security warranty. The green address bar would let clients know that you have the most compliant verification you have obtained from Network Solutions.

Network Solutions Customer Support

Network Solutions offer 24/7 web and technical support for all their product lines with experts in online security.

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