It is a fact that not all people have been gifted with the initial intelligence regarding various technical aspects. There are people who have an easy understanding of how to install various devices and software on the servers and other things, but there are also those who have no inkling as to what they are doing. When it comes to merchants who have their own websites, the SSL certificate should always be recent and accurate. But it also entails correct installment onto the servers before the websites would be truly secure in all transactions. This is where GoDaddy SSL browser support comes into the picture.

For those who have a hard time understanding how things go with the SSL certificates and the browsers, finding a website where they could ask for technical support from where they got their SSL certificates. There are various browsers that work well with the SSL certificates and there are those that do not quite work together with the certificates. For those who have gotten GoDaddy SSL Certificates, they may check the GoDaddy SSL browser support for more information regarding what browsers support the SSL certificates. People have to know what browsers work well with the certificates so that they are sure that they are performing tasks via secure connections at all times.

Here is a list of the following browsers that are known to support the SSL Certificates retrieved from GoDaddy:

  • All versions of Google Chrome
  • Versions 5.01 and higher of Internet Explorer
  • Versions 5 and higher of AOL
  • All versions of Mozilla
  • All versions of Firefox
  • Versions 4.7 and higher of Netscape
  • Versions 7.5 and higher of Opera browser
  • All versions of Konqueror
  • Mac OS 10.3.4 and higher of Safari

These are the browsers and their versions that have been known to work well with the SSL certificates given by GoDaddy.

If people know what GoDaddy SSL browser support works well with their SSL certificates, they will not encounter any problems regarding the compatibility of the certificates and the browsers. To be sure, people who have websites could put a list of the supported browsers of their SSL certificates so that the customers will not be apprehensive about doing business with them. It is very important to have a secure connection or website at all times so that the business transactions are always protected, without any opportunistic entity at the background waiting to take information without permission.

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